Coal toluene


TNVED: 2902300000

CAS: 108-88-3

GOST: 9880-76

Molecular formula: C6H5 - CH3 or C7H8



Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Metacide, Methyl benzene, Phenylmethane, Benzene, methyl-; Methacide; Methylbenzene; Phenylmethane; Toluene; Antisal la; Methane phenyl-; Methylbenzol; Tolu-Sol; Tolueen; Toluen; Toluene; Tolueno; Toluol; Toluolo.

Appearance: transparent liquid containing no suspension particles and water, not darker then 0,003 g of K2Cr2O7 in 1 L of water.

Physical and chemical features:

Indicator name  Rate
Density at 20°C, g/cm3  0,865-0,867
Distillation limits: temperature range for distillation of 95% (by volume) of distillate from the initial boiling point, (including the pure toluene boiling temperature of 110.6°C), °C, max   0,6
Mass fraction of basic substance, %, min   99,2
Sulfuric acid color, standard scale, No max   0,15
Bromine number, g of bromine per 100 cm3 of toluene, max   0,1
Reaction of aqueous extract neutral
Copper-plate test satisfies
Hydrogen sulfide content and absence of mercaptans none



Coal toluene is transported by railway or automobile vehicles in accordance with the Regulations for Carriage of Dangerous Goods acting for relevant vehicle type. Toluene, according to the Classification of Dangerous Goods under GOST 19433 is referred to class 3, subclass 3.2, classification code 3212, UN number 1294.


Toluene is used as raw material for organic synthesis, and as solvent for oxirane, vinyl and acrylic polymers, and chlorinated rubber paintwork materials.

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