Machine tools and equipment


RPE “Zarya” Ltd. is selling its own illiquid inventory.

To buy illiquid inventory you must send your commercial offer addressed to Deputy 
Director of Commercial Affairs, Alexey Zugan (fax +380 6453 95070).

Commercial offer must be written on a letter-head and signed by a manager. 
It must also contain the following information:
-         Name of illiquid inventory
-         Quantity
-         The offered price for inventory of interest
-         Need for preview
-         Contacts

Sales terms:
1.Products price is defined after tender.
2.Terms of payment: 100% advance.
3.Terms of delivery: self-delivery from the seller`s storehouse.
4.Sale to legal entities is arranged by a contract.

If you have any questions of buying illiquid inventory, please, call to Sales Department:
Alexey Topchiy 
Tel. +380 6453 95435
Machine tools and equipment
Full list of illiquid inventory
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