Compressor 2VM 10-63/9 with electric engine SDK-2-16-24-10 KUHL-4


RPE “Zarya” Ltd. is selling its own illiquid inventory.


Compressor 2 VM 10-63/9

Year of manufacture: 1983.


Compressible gas: air.

Productivity: 1,0367 m³/s

Overpressure: 0,78 MPa

Operating pressure: 2,5 MPa

Power: 332,8 kWt

Object weight by kind – St3 - 5,990 t

Technical condition: in good repair.

Quantity: 2.


Electric engine SDK-2-16-24-10 KUHL-4

Year of manufacture: 1983.


Synchronous 3-phase motor

Power: 400 kWt

Current: alternating, Line voltage: 6000 V

Current frequency: 50 Hz

Electric engine rotor is fitted on compressor shaft.

Object weight by kind – St3 - 2,495 t

Copper: 0,165 t

Technical condition: must be exploited with compressor 2 VM 10-63/9, in good repair.

Quantity: 2.


To buy illiquid inventory you must send your commercial offer addressed to Deputy 
Director of Commercial Affairs, Alexey Zugan (fax +380 6453 95070).

Commercial offer must be written on a letter-head and signed by a manager. 
It must also contain the following information:
-         Name of illiquid inventory
-         Quantity
-         The offered price for inventory of interest
-         Need for preview
-         Contacts

Sales terms:
1.Products price is defined after tender.
2.Terms of payment: 100% advance.
3.Terms of delivery: self-delivery from the seller`s storehouse.
4.Sale to legal entities is arranged by a contract.

If you have any questions of buying illiquid inventory, please, call to Sales Department:
Alexey Topchiy 
Tel. +380 6453 95435
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