TNVED: 3602000000

Specification: 20.5-36999957-019:2016


Product Description

АMONAL is industrial explosives of Class II with decreased trinitrotoluene content.

It doesn't contain nitroglycerine or nitroglycol or toxic substances like dinitrotoluene.

The sufficient content of trinitrotoluene ensures reliable initiation and better sensitivity, not inferior to other explosive materials of Class II.

Parameter  AMONAL
 Moisture content, % max  2.0
 Cartridge density,g/cm3  1.0±0.1
 Brisance, mm min  10
 Oxygen balance,%  1.64
 Petonation transmission between cartridges, cm:  
 - dry,min
 - water-immersed,min  -
 Detonation Velocity, km/sec (D32mm)  3.7
 TNT equivalent by the explosion heat  0.848 



АMONAL is available in cartridges of 32 mm, 36 mm, 42 mm, 60 mm and 70 mm diameter as well as in powder form in bags of 40 kg max.

Сartridges are placed in corrugated cardboard boxes of 25 кg net weight.

Cartridge dimensions (mm)  Cartridge weight (gr) 
 32  200±10
 36  300±12
  42    500±15 
 60  1500±25 
70 2000±50


Product shelf life

If storage conditions are observed, it is recommended to use AMONAL for 6 months.

Application AMONAL is for blasting operations on open surfaces and in underground workings, except for dust- and gas- hazardous mines and ore mines. AMONAL is not recommended for use in wet conditions.

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