Social Responsibility

The business complying with the world standards has to be socially responsible. The RPE “Zarya” Ltd. combines traditions of social responsibility, initiated at the time of the enterprise establishment and developed during the socialism years, with the modern European approach.

The social package of the enterprise employees is one of the most competitive in the industry and includes many guarantees and benefits. All the employees are provided with special meals, social insurance and free medical service programs work. Within the framework of the social program realization of numerous social projects became feasible.

The RPE “Zarya” Ltd. along a lot of attention and support to the CYSS “Zenit”, which was established in 2011 by the joint trade union organization of Rubezhnoe chemical plants.

From April 2012 a reconstructed children’s park renewed its operation at the souther part of Rubezhnoe town.

In September 2012 in the microdistrict Yuzhnyi of Rubezhnoe town there was realized another social project of the RPE “Zarya” Ltd. – construction of a new building for 48 apartments was completed. Apartments were given to employees and veterans of the enterprise, young specialists.

A trade union organization operates at the enterprise, which protects interests of the collective and controls conditions of work and recreation of the employees. 

The enterprise actively participates in the organization of everyday life, recreation and rehabilitation of the employees and their families, using for that objects of social sphere: dining halls, medical center, children’s recreation camp, culture palace and recreation base “Zarya”.

The enterprise’s sport complex is traditionally the center of sport life of not only the collective, but of the whole town. Competitions and sport events are held perennially, various groups work.

According to the world standards a lot of attention is paid to the propaganda and implementation of a healthy life style, formation and strengthening of favorable, friendly psychological situation in the collective, feeling of protection and stability.

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