Valley-ball friendly match

On Ferbuary, 7, volleyball friendly match took place in the sports complex of Town centre of physical culture and sport. Young volleyball players of “Zenit” Children's and Youth Sports School and town picked team have taken part in this event.

The team of “Zenit” Children's and Youth Sports School was represented by girls` senior group (years of birth 1999-2001): Anastasia Vasyura (team captain), Karina Kotelevets (comprehensive school №4), Kristina Kovalyova, Anastasia Perets (comprehensive school №10), Aleksandra Pyatyh (comprehensive school №7), Tatiana Udodenko (Rubezhnoye Polytechnic College), Albina Golenach (comprehensive school №2), and the youngest participant of the meeting, Valentina Vasyura (comprehensive school №9).

Tatiana Cherkasova, the strongest volleyball player of our town, a teacher of Institute of Chemical Technologies, has become attack leader in the town picked team. She was successfully accompanied by setter, Aleksandra Chuchman (“Aval” bank specialist) and students of Rubezhnoye Polytechnic College.

The first lap has begun from mutual attacks of teams. Scalepans were turning from side to side, but lap ending was conducted by guest more confidently, they have won the lap with result 26:24. The young volleyball players of “Zenit” Children's and Youth Sports School didn`t manage to turn the game around in the second and the third laps, and the final result of the game was 3:0 in the town picked team`s favor.

This event has shown that the volleyball players of “Zenit” Children's and Youth Sports School have good potential, but lack of play experience and low psychological training level do not give them opportunity to play with more experienced volleyball players as equals.



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