Valley-ball holiday

On March, 4, valley-ball friendly match on the occasion of International Women`s Day took place in the sports complex of Town centre of physical culture and sport. Two generations of valley-ball players took part in the competition: RPE “Zarya” workers and young sportswomen from “Zenit” Children's and Youth Sports School.

Women`s team “Zarya” has large experience in winning town sports festivals (it has become a champion 6 times), and “Zenit” Children's and Youth Sports School team is beginning its path in valley-ball (in 2014, it took part in town competition for the first time). The audience have witnessed experience and skill of adults team versus ardor and emotionality of the youth. The result of the competition was 3:0 for “Zarya” players, but the final of this sports event was brightened up for Children's and Youth Sports School by sweet prizes from Trade Union Committee of “Zarya” Rubezhnoye State Chemical Plant. Both teams got festive cakes.

Our young valley-ball players have shown that good valley-ball generation is growing up in Rubezhnoye, and the result of their participance in the competition – is the fifth place.

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