On April 2-5, 2015, in the sport complex Lokomotiv of Krasny Liman town the games of the Inter-regional volleyball tournament “Mayor’s Cup 2015” were held between men and women volleyball teams. These competitions have traditional character and are held for the nineteenth time upon the initiative of the Mayor of Krasny Liman town L.G. Perebeynos.

6 women teas from Donetsk and Lugansk Regions participated in the tournament. Our team was represented by the youth team formed on the basis of Zenith Youth Sports School (D. Maksimchuk, А. Perets, К. Коvalyova, А. Vasyura), RPK (А. Khaynus, М. Samarskaya) and IKT (Т. Cherkasova, Ye. Loseva). The young volleyball players played five games in two match days (two wins, three defeats) and won the fourth position in the tournament bracket.

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