Criterium dedicated to the Day of Chemist

On May 30, 2015 in Yuzhny District the bicycle races were held dedicated to the Day of Chemist. Competition was attended by 30 athletes of KremennayaYouthSportsSchool, SeverodonetskYouthSportsSchool and RubezhnoyeZenithYouth SportsSchool. 

From the first circles of the distance the close contest began among six athletes that drew away from the main group. The representative of Zenith Youth Sports School Denis Shcherbak also escaped. So, fighting with his competitors at the intermediate sprints, Denis was initially third, but at the last sprint he outflanked the competitor from Kremennaya and finished the race being the second. The winner of the criterium became the Ukrainian Mountain Bike Champion Sergey Kocherov from Kremennaya town. 

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