Football Championship

On June 7, at the stadium named after A.P. Vinogradov, a big football championship was held. 12 teams were competing for the finals, and only two strongest teams were able to qualify for this position: ZenithYouthSportsSchool (Rubezhnoye town) and Lisugol (Privolye town). The start of the game was not the best way for Zenith team. The missed goal made the coach Sergey Chernykh a bit worried. But in a few minutes after the coach’s instruction the game course changed. Yevgeniy Oboyanskiy levelled the match, Vladislav Kvitkovskiy scored another goal, Yegor Mishchenko scored two goals to the opponent and Erik Dyachuk finished the game with the last goal. With the score 5:1 our team Zenith became the regional champion among youth men born in 1999-2000.

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