Regional Boxing Tournament Dedicated to the Ukrainian Independence Day


The first regional tournament dedicated to the Ukrainian Independence Day was held at Ledoviy Palace (Severodonetsk town) on the 23d of August. Georgiy Tuka, Head of Lugansk regional civil and military administration, has opened the event. He has congratulated all participants with the beginning of competition and Ukrainian Independence Day. 22 boxers were taking part in the tournament. The contest was accompanied with performance of amateur talent groups. The competition was held in one day but this day has remained in memory of Severodonetsk, Rubezhnoye, Kremennaya, Lysychansk inhabitants. Alexander Nechay was taking part in the tournament from “Zenith” Junior Sports school. The bout lasted for three rounds but our boxer`s opponent has got the win. Despite the fight was lost, participation in such large-scale competition is significant for the sportsman.

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