September Has Begun with Beach Volleyball

Sportive September in our town has begun with beach volleyball competition (3х3). 8 women teams from enterprises, institutions, organizations and educational institutions of our town were contesting to choose the strongest one in the beach volleyball competition. The event has taken place at Rubezhnoye Polytechnic college sport ground. Our enterprise was represented by two teams: picked team of “Zarya” enterprise (Anna Gerasimenko, Lyudmila Kanash, Lyudmila Obod and Olga Ishchenko) and girls from “Zenith” Junior Sports school, “Yunost” team (Anastasia Vasyura, Karina Kotelevets, Alexandra Pyatykh and Valentina Vasyura). Experienced enterprise players have confidently spent the whole tournament and have given the pas to the “Business” team only in the final. The result is the second place. And young volleyball players from “Zenith” Junior Sports school who were taking part in beach volleyball competition for the first time, have got the 4th place.

At the awarding ceremony, “Zarya” team has been awarded with diploma of Organizing Committee of town Spartakiada Games for the 2nd place. The youngest participant of the competition,  Valentina Vasyura (“Yunost” team), was awarded with Commemorative Medal of the Championship.

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