Master Class in Aikido

On September 18-20 this year, the International Aikido Seminar was held on the basis of Lisichansk Children’s and Youth Sports School. The master class was conducted by Stéphane Benedetti (Shihan 7 dan aikido aikikai Barcelona).

Stéphane Benedetti is a high class master in aikido. He is often invited to give master classes in many European countries. The seminar was dedicated to application of aikido techniques against an armed rival. Training sessions were attended by aikido fighters from Kiev, Kharkov, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Artemovsk, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and Rubezhnoye, as well as by trainees of Zenit CYSS Ilya Skarga-Bandurov, Bogdan Sviloguzov, Dima Didyk and Denis Bezukh. By the results of the seminar, the participants were attested for the dan expertise rank (black belt).

The seminar was organized and held by the Lugansk Regional Aikido Federation.

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