Regional Boxing Tournament Dedicated to the Teacher’s Day

On October 9-10, the Palace of Sports in the Yuzhnyi Microdistrict hosted the XIIth Regional Boxing Tournament dedicated to the Teacher’s Day. Over seventy sportsmen took part in the competition. V.N. Semivolos, Head of the Boxing Federation of Rubezhnoye Town, welcomed sportsmen when opening the tournament. He greeted the participants on the occasion and wished them health and high achievements.

Among the competitors, there were the youngest boxers, who traditionally opened the tournament, as well as the experienced sportsmen. We’d like to note a bout between two bitter rivals: Dmitriy Kokyrli (Rubezhnoye) and Ivan Yampolskiy (Severodonetsk). Dmitriy gave confident attacks, leaving no chances of victory for his rival now and again, but single precise blows of I. Yampolskiy determined fate of the bout. As a result, the victory of 2:1 was gained by the guest from Severodonetsk. Also, Aleksandr Bondarenko had a masterful victory over his rival – Bogdan Stelmakh. As a result, Aleksandr took the first place, and Bogdan – the second. In a stubborn fight, Pavel Ospinnikov (RPCEL) outfought his rival from Lisichansk and took the first place. Dmitriy Veretennikov from the lyceum, due to his decisive superiority, won another bout with Danyl Stenitskiy from Severodonetsk. Andrey Miroshnichenko defeated Aleksandr Mygalyuk from Starobelsk on points, and took the first place too. As a result, boxers from Rubezhnoye won 4 gold medals and 5 silver medals. Thus, the Rubezhnoye team led the medal count.   

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