Ring Ensembles Friends

In November 2015, in Rubezhnoye Industrial and Educational College, a traditional Boxing tournament dedicated to the 75th anniversary of formation of “Trudoviye rezervy” Voluntary Sports society has taken place.

The objects of the event were to make boxing popular among the youth of the town and to attract the youth to sports sections. More than 80 participants have shown the desire to test themselves in a bout. Five teams from our region (Starobelsk, Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Kremennaya, Rubezhnoye) were taking part in the competition. Our town was represented by Junior Sports School 1, Junior Sports School 2, “Zenit” Junior Sports School, and “Trudoviye rezervy” of Rubezhnoye Industrial and Educational College.

The prize-winners are: Dmitry Kokyrlya, Bogdan Stelmakh, Roman Slepets, Aleksander Bondarenko, Kyrill Kovalyov, Yaroslav Cherepnya, Nikita Vospitannikov, Aleksey Davydenko.

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