Boxing Open Championship

On February 9-10, a team of “Zenit” Junior sports school boxers, as a part of Lugansk region picked boxing team, took part in Kramatorsk Boxing Open Championship dedicated to the 27th anniversary of removal of forces from Afghanistan. The teams from 14 towns of Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov regions took part in it.

A fight of young sportsmen of our picked team was proceeding on the big stretch, as Donetsk Boxing school is considered to be one of the best boxing schools in the former USSR and still has high rates. But our guys have become the best in this tournament.

A pupil of “Zenit” Junior sports school, Dmitry Kokyrlya has faced a Belozersk representative, Sergey Malysh, in the first fight. Dmitry`s opponent took physical precedence but big will to win has helped our sportsman to become the first with score 2:1. The second fight was less easy: a boxer from Dimitrov was sure of his win and was almost celebrating it. But our Dmitry has won with score 2:1.

A “Zenit” boxer, Alexander Bondarenko, has beated his opponents (boxers from Avdeyevka and Kramatorsk) with confidence.

Bogdan Stelmakh has confidently won a fight with Dmitry Tendyuk from Krasnoarmeysk. In the final, he had to face a prizewinner of Ukrainian Championship, Alexey Boklakh (Selidovo). Bogdan has lost the fight and won the second place.

All the sportsmen were awarded with certificates, and champions were also awarded with souvenirs.

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