Traditional Boxing Championship

On February 6-7, in Rubezhnoye Culture Palace of Yuzhny Microdistrict, a Traditional Boxing Tournament took place. It was dedicated to the warriors who released Rubezhnoye from fascist invaders and to boxing veterans. Over 50 boxers from Starobelsk, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Kremennaya, Rubezhnoye were taking part in it. A team of our town was represented by the boxers of Junior sports school №1 (Principal A.Doroshenko), “Zenit” Junior sports school (Principal V.Tkachenko) and Rubezhnoye Industrial and Pedagogical College (Principal Yu.Kovalenko).

73 years ago, Rubezhnoye was released from the enemy. In 1977, Industrial College Coaching Council has established Boxing Tournament, and Vasily Moroz, Anatoly Rudichev, Yevgeny Yefimchenko have become its founders. Later, it was decided to expand the limits of the Tournament and to dedicate it to the gone boxing veterans of Rubezhnoye.

This year, the competition has shown high grade and popularity of boxing in our town. Our sportsmen, Roman Slepets, Dmitry Kokyrlya. Bogdan Stelmakh and Alexander Bondarenko, took part in the competition. Spectators have risen in applause when the boxers demonstrated their skills, gusto and will to win at ring.

Boxing Federation and town coaching staff are grateful to all participants, spectators and sponsors for participation and support of young sportsmen.

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