Regional five-a-side championship

From12th of February till 12th of March, 2016 in Severodonetsk and Rubezhnoye took place five-a-side championship of the Lugansk region among young men born 1999-2000.

At the competition 12 teams took part, they were divided into3 table groups. In each table group 4 teams participated. Teams from Severodonetsk, Lysychansk and Rubezhnoye included to our zone.

Having beaten teams from Popasna (2:0) and Lysychansk (5:2), trainee of CYSS "Zenith" have come through to the semifinal, where they have met team of Novopskov. In semifinal game our sportsmen have won the right of participation in the final which took place in Severodonetsk. Unfortunately, our boys were conquered by strong local team with the score 0:5 and have taken the second place.

As the best attacking player of regional five-a-side championship was player of CYSS “Zenith” Vladislav Kaliuzhnyi recognized.

We are proud of our sportsmen’s success and we wish them further victories.

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