Bronze medals of young volleyball players of CYSS “Zenith”

On the 5th of March in Kremennaya the traditional volleyball tournament devoted to the International Women's Day on 8th of March in which participated 4 women's teams have taken place. Young sportswomen of CYSS “Zenith” have taken the third place and was conquered by adult expansion team of the towns of Rubezhnoye and Kremennaya. Command awarded with diplomas and commemorative medals, two young girls from Rubezhnoye Valentina Vasyura and Anastasiya Perets were marked as the best players of competitions.

On the 16th of March in Severodonetsk the Regional championship on volleyball among girls born 1999 and younger, in which took part 6 teams ( Severodonetsk- 2 tems, Starobelsk, Popasna, Belovodsk and Rubezhnoye) has finished. In a group tournament team from Rubezhnoye have appeared on the second place, the volleyball team was beaten by team of Rubezhnoye.

The team is awarded with diplomas, souvenirs of the National Olympic Committee and sweet prizes

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