Olympics Swimming

On 8-9th of April, 2016 the 14th city Olympics in swimming among the enterprises and educational institutions of the city took place. Swimmers of CYSS”Zenith” took part at the competition. Two boys’ teams. Senior age group “Unost-1”: Oleynik Vladislav, Chikin Pavel, Kuznetsov Ivan, Vihrov Andrey, Kabakov Oleg. The youngest age group “Unost-2”: Gnilitskiy Konstantin, Shevtsov Danil, Radchenko Ivan, Grebenyuk Danil, Galitskiy Stanislav. Women’s team was represented by “Unost” : Netyaga Olga, Galushka Violetta, Krasnovskaya Milana, Levadnaya Veronika, Krys’ko Miroslava.

Children performed strongly and placed high. Oleynik Vladislav- the 1st place in breaststroke on the distance 50 m. and the 3d place on the distance 100 m. w/c. Netyaga Olga the 2d  place, on the distance 50 m. w/c. Galushka Violetta – the 3d  place, on the distance 50 m. w/c. Krasnovskaya Milana took the 2d place in breaststroke on the distance 50m. and the 1st place on the distance – 50 m. w/c.

Women’s swimming relay in which our team ”Unost” for the first time took the 1st place became
highest-scoring for us.

All competitors became winners, because they have shown fortitude, team cohesion and an inexpugnable desire to win.

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