XIV City Olympics

On March and April, 2016 checks and swimming competition under realization of XIV city Olympics among the enterprises and educational institutions of the city took place.

Expansion checkers team PCS ”Zarya” was presented by O.Kravtsov, S. Stozhenko, K. Kadorkin, and also by  ex-employees of enterprise A. Zolotaryov, G. Krasnov and V. Yachnevskaya, who became champions with great advantage. Women's team of PCS "Zarya"   in the city swimming championship became the second in the overall standings. Victory podium in backstroke swimming on the distance 50 m. our girls took. Team was presented by: I. Lazarenko, S. Medvedeva, E. Kuchmiychuk, G. Kovalenko and A. Lazar’ko. On the distance 50 m. in backstroke swimming and 50m.breaststroke S. Medvedeva became two-time champion.

It is pleasant to admit that the I place in the overall team standings was taken by representatives of "Unost"  team, which is completely manned with trainees of  CYSS “Zenith”swimming department. Worthy future generation is growing.


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