Boxers’ tribute to a great deed

Fights were held in the boxing hall the City Center for Physical Culture and Sports. The members of this competition were 72 boxers from the cities of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Kremennoy, Schastye, and Rubezhnoye. As a part of our team, athletes from the Youth Sports School "Zenith", Youth Sports School of the City Council and Rubezhnoye Industrial and Pedagogical Technical School participated in the competition. A deputy of Rubezhnoye City Council from the "Opposition Block" party, acting director of “Zarya” Chemical Plant Andrei Zharkov congratulated the war veterans and the competition participants and spectators on the upcoming holiday. He emphasized the tremendous contribution of the veterans to the victory and sacrifice with the purpose to defeat the enemy. Andrey Vladimirovich appealed to the people to remember the great deed of the veterans, and to help them in any way and to take care of them. The speech of the World War II combat veteran Vladimir Andreyevich Mitchenko was met with applause. The veteran wished good health, long life, peace and optimism to everyone.

The tournament fights were held with sporting inspiration. Among the winners and silver and bronze medalists in the respective age and weight categories, there were the pupils of the Youth Sports School "Zenith". The gold medalists were: D. Kokyrlya, P. Lyutoy, A. Bondarenko, R. Slepets, A. Nechay, E. Rybin. The silver winners were: K. Logvinyuk, S. Vorochek, I. Zhadan, B. Stelmakh, D. Brykov (coaches: V. Tkachenko and V. Botvinov). Moreover, all managers and coaches of participating teams were awarded with the certificates of appreciation of the tournament organization committee.

The Boxing Federation is grateful to the organization committee, the managers of the participating teams, the panel of judges, and the boxing veterans who took part in organization and conduction of this tournament.

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