Boxing Competitions

In May, a tournament in memory of the Chernobyl accident liquidation was held in the city of Kupyansk of Kharkiv Region. The athletes from Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Sumy Regions took part in the competition.

Pupils from the Youth Sports School "Zenith" showed the excellent results and won prizes. Dmitriy Veretennikov and Aleksandr Bondarenko showed the most interesting fights. In the final fight in the second round Dmitry knocked out his opponent. And Sasha defeated a boxer from Sumy with a considerable advantage in points. Gold medals from the tournament went to their owners: Dmitriy Veretennikov, Aleksandr Bondarenko, Roman Slepets, and Evgeniy Rybin. Bogdan Stelmakh and Aleksandr Nechay took the silver medals.

All the children were awarded with the certificates of appreciation and medals.

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