The team "Zenith" from the city of Rubezhoye was playing at the preliminary stage with the teams from Lysychansk 3:0, Pryvolye 7:1, Popasnaya 0:0, and Kremennoy 3:1. Having gained three victories and having played one draw match, our guys took the 1st place in the group. The second group was represented by the teams from Severodonetsk, Novopskov, Markovka, and Starobelsk. In the finals of the match for the 3rd place, teams from Popasnaya and Novopskov met. The score was 3:0, and the football players from Popasnaya were celebrating the victory. And in the finals in Severodonetsk, the teams "Khimik" from Severodonetsk and "Zenith" from Rubezhoye met. The guys from Rubezhoye won with a score of 2:1. The "Zenith" team player Artem Kharenko was admitted the best Championship midfielder.

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