Day of Physical Culture and Sport is a Town-Scale Celebration

On September 12, a sports celebration, Day of Physical Culture and Sport has taken place at “Khimik” Stadium in Rubezhnoye town. Among sportsmen taking part in sports celebration there were also children of “Zenith” Junior Sports school. detail



September Has Begun with Beach Volleyball

Sportive September in our town has begun with beach volleyball competition (3х3). Our enterprise was represented by two teams: picked team of “Zarya” enterprise and girls from “Zenith” Junior Sports school, “Yunost” team. detail



Regional Boxing Tournament Dedicated to the Ukrainian Independence Day

The first regional tournament dedicated to the Ukrainian Independence Day was held at Ledoviy Palace (Severodonetsk town) on the 23d of August. 22 boxers were taking part in the tournament. detail


«Zenith» Junior Sports school is starting a new season

«Zenith» Junior Sports school is announcing admission of children and teens to the following sports sections: boxing (since age 10), volley-ball (since age 7), sambo (since age 10), football (since age 6), chess, checkers (since age 6), aikido (since age 7), cycle racing (since age 10), table tennis (since age 7), swimming (since age 7). detail



Ukrainian Sambo Championship

In early June, in Karolina-Bugaz village (Odessa Region), the Ukrainian Sambo Championship was held among the youth born in 2001-2002. The competitions were attended by 372 athletes from 20 regions of our country. Lugansk Region was presented by the team of 16 athletes among which there were 5 students from Rubezhnoye (Youth Sports School No. 1 and Zenith Youth Sports School), who won 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. detail


Football Championship

On June 7, at the stadium named after A.P. Vinogradov, a big football championship was held. 12 teams were competing for the finals, and only two strongest teams were able to qualify for this position: Zenith Youth Sports School (Rubezhnoye town) and Lisugol (Privolye town). detail

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