Young professionals and graduates: Start a career in our company.
Personnel – is our most important resource, the main value and basis of stable enterprise development.
We are always welcome talented graduates and young specialists and help them to develop and build a career.

Opportunities for young professionals PRE «ZARYA» provides great opportunities for acquiring and consolidating professional skills, increasing the competitiveness of each of our employees in the labor market. We have created all the necessary technical, technological and organizational conditions for the development of our employees, and motivate them to achieve results by contributing to our common future. To ensure recognition and reward of the achievements of our employees, we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Bonuses for special achievements
  • Additional compensations and benefits

We invest in the progress of our employees
We offer a range of training and development programs for all categories of personnel. We carry out training and professional development of workers based on the Training Center of PRE «ZARYA».
To develop the management potential of employees and prepare a personnel reserve for the vacancies of managers, we created «Reserve School». We value the knowledge, experience and potential of each employee.

Additional benefits
We know that it is important to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Our offers of benefits reflect how much we care about our employees and their well-being both at work and outside of it.

We search
If you are a graduate or a young specialist, ready for new knowledge and experience, strive to work in team and achieve results, join us!


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